Completed my PADI Open Water diver certification on Sunday.  I didn't bring the camera this time as it was just myself, the instructor, and a divemaster-in-training, and the visibility had taken a nosedive.  Since it was just me, it took almost no time at all to run through the remaining skills (this time I succeeded at the compass navigation, subtracting 180 degrees to set a reciprocal course, instead of 150, which may surprise you, doesn't work...  Then we burned through our remaining air exploring the dive site.

The water was definitely cooler than last week, and I donned a hood and gloves, but during the dive I was pretty warm.  On exiting the water however, HOLY CRAP!  35 degree air temp that morning, and guess who forgot their towel?

Now I just need to wait for my card to come in the mail and I'm good to go! I don't know if we'll get any more dives in locally before winter sets in, but I'm eyeing the Bahamas or Virgin Islands for a trip this winter...  Time to see just how deep this rabbit hole goes!

The shirt proves it!
I already mentioned it but I took the course through the Midwest School of Diving in White Bear Lake, MN, just outside the Twin Cities.  All the instructors and dive masters we worked with were great, and the gear they provided was top notch. I can definitely recommend them if you're considering trying SCUBA out!  Thanks to Mark, Dan, Larry, JB, and Clink for your help!